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Purple Stars

For the dancers who were told they couldn't

B+ Dance is an online ballet school created to be a home for pre-professional dancers who are victims of favoritism or body shaming. Here, your talent and effort are noticed, no matter your appearance or background.

Warm-up Playlist for auditions, recitals, etc.

This is my pre-audition playlist I made when I was doing company auditions. It starts out with upbeat, powerful songs to get your energy and confidence up. Then, it transitions to a few chill songs to calm those pre-performance jitters. All have uplifting messages or vibes to remind you that you got this, and you will do FANTASTIC out there!

To get you pumped up:

  • Dose - Ciara

  • Bring Me To Life - Evanescence. Cue the epic training montage!

  • Fight Song - Rachel Platten

  • Domino - Jessie J. Upbeat and energetic.

  • Don't Let This Feeling Fade - Lindsey Stirling

  • Me Too - Meghan Trainor. A "shameless brag" song to remind you you're really cool.

  • We Are Giants - Lindsey Stirling

  • Monody - TheFatRat. A fun, happy song that'll make you want to get up and do a silly dance, which I highly encourage. Relax, have fun!

  • Arise - Flyleaf. Currently my favorite song because of the last line: "Arise, and be all that you dreamed." Super inspirational,

  • Face My Fears - Utada Hikaru. About facing fears, obviously--absolutely applicable for auditions and shows. Also, it's from Kingdom Hearts III, so it's got some geek value.

  • Confident - Demi Lovato. One last song to pump you up. You got this, rockstar!

  • Unbreakable - Fireflight

To calm the nerves:

  • Let it Be - Blackmill. Actually, if you're looking for some relaxing songs, I recommend pretty much anything by Blackmill. "Let it Be" is my favorite, though.

  • Lost Girls - Lindsey Stirling. Will make you feel like running carefree through the fields of a fantasy land.

  • breathin - Ariana Grande

  • Scars to Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara. This is the unofficial anthem of B+ Dance, BTW.

  • In My Arms - Plumb

  • Better When I'm Dancing - Megan Trainor. No matter what happens, at least you're doing your favorite thing in the world--dancing!

Break a leg out there!


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