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If you're looking to take class consistently, there are semester courses available. This is the recommended option. Not only is consistent practice key to improving technique, you'll get better feedback, as your teacher will be more familiar with you and your skills.


If you want to take classes without the long-term commitment, B+ Dance offers drop-in classes. You can drop in once to check us out, or purchase 5- and 10-class passes that can be redeemed at your own convenience.


Classes are online, via Google Meet.

(Want to help me obtain a studio, enabling in-person classes? Donate here, or become a patron!)


*Currently, classes are for ages 13+ only.

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Mondays 6:30-7:45pm MST


This is for dancers who want to focus on correcting technical errors. Combinations are simple and designed to help with common bad habits. This class is also suitable for anyone new to ballet.

Ballet School



Wednesdays 6:30-7:45pm MST

Fridays 6:30-7:45pm MST


For those who have done ballet for 3+ years. Get a pre-professional-level class without the high-pressure atmosphere of a typical professional dance academy.

Ballet Dancers


Mondays 8-8:30pm MST

Wednesdays 8-8:30pm MST


A mixed-level class. It's slow-paced enough to serve as an introduction (or reintroduction) to safe and proper pointe work, but modifications for more advanced dancers will be provided.

Ballet Dancer


Mondays 6:00-6:30pm MST **FREE and included with semester registration!**

Saturdays 12:O0-12:30pm MST **FREE!**


Stretching and strengthening exercises to improve turnout, pointework, adagio, and more! A great class for non-dancers, as well, who are looking for light exercise and flexibility training.

Plus more to come!

Class format options



Classes alongside other students via Google Meet.





30-minute, one-on-one classes, also over Google Meet. They're tailored specifically to you and what you want to accomplish, from mastering a variation for auditions to performing a clean single pirouette.


If you want the individualized feedback of private lessons but the convenience of pre-recorded classes, this is the best choice. Tell me what you want to get better at, and I'll write a one-class lesson plan for you focused on improving that thing. This lesson plan can include barre, center, stretching, and conditioning exercises!

Thank you,


$5 Patron

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